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Special Projects

Fortlandia 2023  Peoples Choice Award

Austin Design Lab received the unique opportunity to design and build a "Mars Base" an exhibit visited by over 100,000 people, for the University of Texas's Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center's annual event "Fortlandia." Due to overwhelming positive feedback from the community Mars Base is now a permanently featured exhibit at the center.

Special Projects: Studio

San Marco dei Cavoti, Italy

Part of the Roots 2024 Initiative

As part of an initiative to bring tourism to a charming South Italian mountain town, we developed a bespoke advertising, marketing, and video campaign. We brought to life the town's unique culture through stunning visuals of the region coupled with a narrative that showcased the town’s diverse offerings.

Special Projects: Video
Screen Shot 2024-03-15 at 2_edited.jpg


Artists Rendition

Costa Rican

 Urban Forest Retreat

Special Projects: Welcome
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